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National Construction Code & AS1288:2021 Compliance

It’s been a season for change in the glass industry. On the first of May 2023 the latest National Construction Code (NCC) was formally adopted, which meant the latest AS1288:2021 is now in full effect. All building plans stamps after May 1 2023 must now comply with AS1288:2021.
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Clear Edge Window System

New Product Launched

We’re pretty excited to launch our new Clear Edge Glass – Frameless Glass Stackable System – an innovative, unique, fully retractable, all glass system that forms one sheer glass wall allowing the creation of a completely enclosed outdoor area. The Frameless Glass Stackable System 100% Australian Made Locally sourced raw
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Crystal Clear Glass vs Clear Glass

You might think all glass is the same but that’s untrue. Certain types of glass have different characteristics and are suitable for specific applications.
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